Some patients fear dental visits. It is typically because of a previous negative experience or no experience at all. Our goal is to put our patients at ease, so they can receive the care they need. The patient is always in control of their treatment before, during and after the procedures. We have developed a simple communication signal system that is based on hand rising when the patient is uncomfortable

Opting for cosmetic procedures is a decision that many people choose to make. Some of them select this route because they are unhappy with the physical appearance of their teeth, and others need to do so as part of a larger process that aims to improve the health of their mouths. In the age of digital media, search engine optimization, social media and technology, prospective patients should keep a few

Let’s face it, the vast majority of us love a good glass of soda every once in awhile. It might be a habit of yours to grab a soda when eating a burger or enjoying some sweets. Unfortunately, soda is a major problem for those who want to achieve a beautiful and pristine smile. There are a variety of ways that soda affects your teeth, and understanding how this beverage