Even with the best possible care, tooth decay can affect us all. Traditionally, tooth decay wasn’t identified by dentists until it became a serious problem, as metal instruments were used to assess the integrity of the teeth, and wouldn’t detect any issues until the tooth was in an advanced state of decay. Now, cosmetic dentists can now use advanced laser cavity detection technology to locate sources of tooth decay before

You’ve had your hair and nail appointments booked weeks ago for your big wedding day. Have you given any thought to your teeth, though? You’re going to want to show off some lovely pearly whites when you give everyone your best smile. Unfortunately, not many of your guests are going to remember if your hair was straight or curly or what color your nails were on that day. Your smile,

If you’re worried about how much your gums show when you smile, you might be a good candidate for lip repositioning. Instead of having to feel embarrassed about laughing or smiling, cosmetic dentists and oral surgeons can offer you a simple procedure that brings the top lip down further over the teeth, enhancing the appearance of your smile and giving you more confidence. How Does Lip Repositioning Work? During a

Do you love going to boxing practice at your local gym? Are you enthusiastic about playing rugby? No matter what sort of sport you play, it’s important to make sure that you’re protecting your oral health by wearing a sports guard over your teeth. Left untreated, sports injuries to the mouth can damage your self-confidence and cause irreversible damage to the teeth and gums. Cracked, chipped teeth can also cause

Some patients fear dental visits. It is typically because of a previous negative experience or no experience at all. Our goal is to put our patients at ease, so they can receive the care they need. The patient is always in control of their treatment before, during and after the procedures. We have developed a simple communication signal system that is based on hand rising when the patient is uncomfortable