You can improve your self confidence and appearance very affordably thanks to a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Procedures such as bonding, restoration and whitening are very common. You can find a professional who will help you achieve the look you are hoping for with very little inconvenience. If you are on a budget but want to improve your look, let’s take a look at some common cosmetic dentistry procedures

The Benefits of Dental Bonding in Scottsdale Arizona If you’re not familiar with dental bonding, it is a procedure whereby a dental practitioner, generally a cosmetic dentist, applies a tooth-colored resin material to the tooth to help restore or improve patient’s smile. The resin is comprised of a durable plastic material that is cured with ultraviolet light, improving the appearance and the strength of the tooth. In this article, we

Flossing your teeth should be a part of your daily routine, especially if you want to have better dental health. However, if you find yourself not doing this because of a lack of time or energy, you might think it’s really not necessary. The truth is, flossing your teeth is important. The information below can help you learn why so you’re more encouraged than ever before to begin flossing regularly.

1. Becoming Aware Of White Teeth When I was young and getting into chapter books, I remember my sister reading a historical romance. She offered it to me and I was hooked! That book took me to the plains of North Dakota in winter, spring, summer, and fall. With it brought the astounding awareness of how the author described the characters in the book. This new awareness of reading how

Laser detection technology makes it so that we can catch tooth decay in its beginning stages. This means we can quickly remove it before it gets to the point where you need those invasive procedures we all dread. Studio B Smiles wants to make sure you get the best dental care in Arizona! What Is Laser Detection? We use a small tool that shoots a beam of light at your