Fear of visiting the Cosmetic dentist isn’t uncommon; in fact, it’s estimated that up to 20 percent of Americans will put off dental appointments until they’re absolutely necessary because they experience anxiety when thinking about dental work. However, regular dental check-ups are vital to the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Here are some tips on how to overcome a fear of visiting the dentist. Talk to Your Dentist

Why cover your mouth when you smile because of uneven teeth? Now there is a better way to get the smile that you deserve without having those hard metal fixtures in your mouth. With all of the advancements made in technology in recent years, dentist can improve your smile with the aid of their computer, and orthodontic principles. Invisalign treatments are the new way to get the beautiful smile that

Bruxism is a common condition typically seen in adults. However, in recent years, more adolescents and children are being affected as well. The term refers to gnashing or clenching the teeth. The strength and frequency of episodes can vary from mild wear of the teeth to severe and chronic pain in the jaws that may lead to premature tooth loss. Early intervention can prevent this condition from becoming complex. There

While tooth-colored fillings can remedy cavities and help restore a tooth, avoiding those cavities completely is what most individuals would like to do. What’s the best way to do this? It’s important to be aware of some of the hidden causes of cavities that could be wreaking havoc on your pearly whites. You might be surprised to learn that more than sugar can contribute to cavities. Some surprising causes to

Everyone dreams about having clean white teeth. However, a lot of people struggle with dental problems such yellow and stained teeth. There are times when diet directly contributes to the discoloration of your teeth. For instance, smoking and consuming too much dark colored drinks is thought to cause tooth discoloration. However, another leading cause of teeth yellowing and one which many people ignore is a condition known as fluorosis. What