Like many people, you have probably been impressed by the claims of toothpaste companies. They promise whiter smiles, cavity protection, and enamel restoration. Thinking that you could have the dazzling smile shown on the television, you run out and buy the dental hygiene product, and then feel disappointed. The truth is that while their product can protect your teeth against cavities and can help whiten your smile, enamel can not

With October right around the corner, it only means one thing, Halloween! From apple picking and pumpkin carving to trick or treating, there are nearly limitless festivities for this fun-filled fall season. However, at the same time, it presents one of the biggest challenges for a parent, sugar treats, and candies. To prevent your child from getting too large of a sweet tooth, below are our top-rated recommendations for this

Let’s face it, the vast majority of us love a good glass of soda every once in awhile. It might be a habit of yours to grab a soda when eating a burger or enjoying some sweets. Unfortunately, soda is a major problem for those who want to achieve a beautiful and pristine smile. There are a variety of ways that soda affects your teeth, and understanding how this beverage

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly requested for cosmetic dental procedures. However, a mistake people make when they choose to whiten their teeth is overlooking the plaque they have developed over the years. When this plaque is not cleaned out properly, it hardens and forms tartar on the surface of your teeth. Tartar is quite difficult to remove with your standard oral care regime. Thus, it is pertinent

Activated charcoal seems to be everywhere at the moment, and people are touting its effectiveness in everything from face wash to grout cleaner. One use for this ingredient that you may not have heard of is as a teeth whitener. So, how about it? Does this ingredient work? And is it good for your teeth? Active Charcoal Is an Effective Teeth Whitener Let’s get right to it. Active charcoal can