Everyone enjoys that feeling of freshness after getting their teeth cleaned by a professional orthodontist. It makes us feel brand new and rejuvenated. Unfortunately, that feeling of freshness usually doesn’t last very long. Thankfully, it is possible to maintain the same level of cleanliness that you have after a dental cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ. Read this article to learn the secrets of keeping your teeth clean! Leave The Soda Behind

Dental Veneers in Scottsdale AZ Dental veneers are thin, custom-made materials colored like a tooth. Often, they are made of porcelain or some other similar material. They are placed on the surface of a person’s tooth to improve the appearance of the tooth, including size, shape, and length. The exact material to be used is something each person should discuss preference with their dentist. Some materials are better at avoiding

You’re good to your teeth. You brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly. However, even if you’re doing all of these things right, you could be damaging your teeth just by eating certain foods. Here are 5 foods that could be doing damage to your smile. 1. Hard Candies Candy may be yummy, but it is also packed with sugar. Because hard candy is meant to sit in your mouth

Sometimes, even the most beautiful smile can have a blemish. But while some people may call it a flaw, others may refer to it as natural beauty, and they enjoy the appearance of the gap between their teeth. There is absolutely no harm with having a gap on your front teeth. If you don’t mind it, then go ahead and enjoy your smile. However, if you have concerns with the

The removal of wisdom teeth is one of the most common dental procedures. These teeth, often referred to as ‘third molars’ grow at the back of the gums. They are the last teeth to come through and typically do not present until late adolescence or adulthood. The majority of people will have four wisdom teeth- two on the top and two on the bottom- though not all of them may