Gum Disease Scottsdale When most people think of dental health, they focus on teeth. Though teeth are the most obvious dental structure, gums also play an important role in dental health. Gums are tissue that cover the base of the teeth and help secure the teeth in the mouth. Unhealthy gums can cause a range of dental issues including bad breath, loose teeth and tooth decay. To have a bright,

For many people, not having a perfect smile is a constant source of contention. Even with regular cleanings and use of whitening toothpaste, they just can’t seem to perfect their smiles. The sole purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to improve someone’s smile. With the right cosmetic dentist and proper treatment plan, you can transform your smile. Read on to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and what you can look forward

When people think of trends in cosmetic dentistry, they only think mainstream. They know about teeth whitening and veneers that actors use to replace tooth gaps. They don’t realize that hundreds of other trends are being used and developed by dentists every day. Look at a few advancements that have improved the face of cosmetic dentistry recently. More Focus on Cosmetic Treatments Dentistry in general is focusing more on cosmetic

Since its creation in 1984, 3D printing has come a long ways in terms of complexity and usability. And now the technology is making its way into dentistry, welcoming in a new era of 3D printed teeth for cosmetic purposes. This innovations is looking to create teeth that appear natural and, in some cases, even prevent tooth decay and gum disease. This new innovation is not quite ready to hit the

Amalgam is the name of a dental cavity filling material. It was once widely used in dental offices across the country. More recently, safer filling materials have been developed. Amalgam is a mixture of several metals. It contains about half mercury. Other metals commonly included are silver and tin. Amalgam compound fillings are sometimes called silver fillings, although they are never made of pure silver. Amalgam fillings pose a possible