It seems that everyone is searching for the “Fountain of Youth.” While the actual fountain was nothing but a myth, appearing youthful is certainly beneficial in a competitive job market. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a man or woman in middle-age should re-make themselves into the teenager they once were. However, transforming your smile can make a radical difference in one’s outer appearance and inner confidence. Everyone thinks about getting

While regular dental visits are important for healthy teeth, it is also vital to take prevention measures from time to time. How you take care of your teeth will set you on the right path and lessen visits to the doctor. Here are essential tips to keep your teeth as healthy as possible all year round. Brush and floss regularly Regular brushing and flossing is important for the overall health

A great smile is about more than pearl white teeth. It’s about whole mouth dental health, beginning with the most overlooked part of the mouth: the gums. The gums protect the teeth, just as skin protects muscles, bones, and organs. Gum disease or inflammation is a result of plaque (food particles, mucus, and bacteria) building up and clinging to the top of your teeth, which can cause serious health issues

Taking care of oral health is just as important as taking care of physical health, and your teeth are the most important aspect to that. Your teeth play a very active role in your life, and when one is lost, it can negatively affect the way you eat. In addition, a missing tooth can affect your self-esteem and lower your confidence. Luckily, there are ways that you can combat the

Everyone should make good dental care a health priority. Seeing a dentist twice a year helps to reinforce good hygiene and target problem areas. During your semi-annual dental health checkups, your dentist should also examine your mouth to look for possible problems. Mouth sores, fungus, and dry mouth are common issues that can be easily treated. However, your cosmetic dentist Scottsdale office may recommend a follow-up medical exam for growths