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Item Magazine: Vol. 2 Issue 8


Something to Smile About

As a accident-prone child growing up in Missouri, Dr. John Badolato admits that he was always interested in healthcare. There was something about the patient/doctor relationship that inspired this frequent visitor to the ER to make a life out of helping others.

How Dr. B, as his patients call him, got into dentistry has two stories. His mother would say it all started when he pulled his sister’s first tooth. He, on the other hand, attributes a more recent inspiration. About five to 10 years ago, while studying under the man he considers his “pseudo mentor,” cosmetic dentist, Dr. Bill Dorfman (currently of Extreme Makeover fame), Dr. B says he was inspired by the way cosmetic dentistry changed people’s lives for the better.

With the growing popularity of all forms of cosmetic surgery in recent years, Dr. B recognizes that there are many options out there but stresses the importance of finding a quality doctor, especially for something as important as your smile. “It changes your life and how you’re perceived,” he emphasizes.

Dr. B refers to his own practice as “the Nordstrom of dentistry,” explaining that he and his team not only offer the best products for what’s out there and discounted services for uninsured patients, but they also offer time, insuring each person who walks through their door gets “awesome service.” Recently, Dr. B has joined with Chrysalis Shelter to donate smile makeovers to victims of domestic violence, adding to the other pro-bono work he has done throughout the years.

It’s not all work and no play for Dr. B, however. On his off days, which he admits have been rather scarce lately, he can be seen golfing at Desert Mountain with his father by day and relaxing at 6 (in which he has investments) or Jade Bar by night. –AF


Favorite Comedian: Larry David, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller

Testosterone Purchase: 65” surround sound TV

Movie Quote to Live By: “The key to this business is personal relationships.” – Jerry Maguire