Starting Up

The Arizona Republic, Section D.4


STARTING UP: Dentistry practice offers attention to detail, quality staff

Studio B
Owner: Dr. John Badolato.
Opened: Jan. 6., 2004
Type of business: Cosmetic and family dentistry.
Financial backing: Personal savings and bank loans.
Location: 8952 E. Desert Cove Ave., Suite 108, Scottsdale.

Motivation: Badolato had worked in a large, successful practice that was more focused on client volume than on customer service. He wanted to care for patients the way he wanted, to get to know them on a personal level and provide respect, trust and attention to personal detail. He wanted to have his own staff that offered clinical excellence and customer relations.

Experience: Badolato graduated from the University Of Missouri School Of Dentistry in Kansas City in 2002. After graduation, he moved to Arizona and worked in a Tempe dentist office. Prior to dentistry, he was a technician on a pediatric heart surgery team. Biggest Obstacles: The legal and financial red tape took a lot of time to get through. Badolato took over an existing office and spent months with attorneys dealing with purchase agreements and deciding which lending program to choose.

Marketing: After researching several marketing companies, Badolato hired Margo Media to help represent his practice. Marketing tools include word of mouth, a web site, direct mail, and public appearances.

What makes the business unique: Studio B offers the highest level of quality in equipment and staff as well as attention to detail. Badolato gets to know his patients needs and works with them for what they want done, not necessarily what their insurance suggests. He also likes to educate his patients on the latest techniques and treatments available.

Best part of the job: “Meeting new people and getting to know them,” Badolato said. “I wanted to break the stereotypical mold of the dentist office. You can go to our office and not be scared.”

Dr. John Badolato wants to break the stereotypical mold of going to the dentist. He wants to eliminate fear.