Whether you have been a smoker or coffee drinker all your life and now have yellow teeth or you want to whiten your teeth for a special occasion like your wedding, anniversary or other meaningful event we can help provide the best teeth whitening experience with the best results. Dr. B, ABC’s Extreme Makeover Dentist and the team at Studio B Smiles uses the latest teeth whitening technology with Glo

Top Scottsdale Dentist If you are having dental issues or need an array of dental procedures but don’t have a dentist you can trust or one in Scottsdale close to your work or home Dr. B and Studio B Smiles can help. You might have a dental emergency or need preventive dental care. Whether you have been in an accident or had an incident, where you chipped or loss a

Veneers are a great option for many people seeking a more cosmetic friendly whiter smile. They are a great option for quickly improving the smile and the feeling a patient achieves after improving their smile is priceless. Many people in Scottsdale and Phoenix that we help have certain conditions that can change the shape and color of their teeth. Some examples of these conditions are yellowing of teeth and teeth