If you are considering teeth whitening, veneers or other procedures that will improve your smile and are looking for a dentist in Scottsdale, consider contacting Studio B Smiles for a consultation. Different procedures are appropriate in different situations. For dental health reasons, dental root canals, dental fillings or other procedures might also be needed. Each of these has a different purpose. A root canal may be necessary if a cavity

Everyone knows what a general dentist does, but not everyone knows what a cosmetic dentist does. The tasks are similar, but the latter specializes in improving the appearance of teeth. Know about a few important procedures that are performed in a cosmetic dentist’s office. What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do? A cosmetic dentist provides many different services. His primary goal is to improve the health and appearance of your teeth.

If you want a healthy, beautiful and perfectly white smile anywhere in the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona region, then a visit to our reputable cosmetic dentistry practice is in order because we care about every patient that comes through our doors. And now we have a new dental office in Downtown Phoenix for your convenience as well. Our friendly office specializes in all types of dentistry procedures. Examples of these

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular reasons for visiting a cosmetic dentist. Not only does it make you look more youthful and put together, but it’s a huge confidence boost, and everyone could use that! Teeth whitening is an investment, so what are some ways you can protect that investment after you leave the chair? Get Regular Cleanings Brushing, flossing, and overall good oral hygiene are important parts