Tooth decay is a disease that most of us will have at some point in our life. It is estimated that 95 percent of adults have had at least one cavity. Despite the fact that most people are familiar with tooth decay, there are still a lot of misconceptions about it. Myth: Fluoridated Water Is All That Is Needed To Prevent Tooth Decay Fact: Fluoridated water has drastically decreased tooth

If you are thinking about getting porcelain veneers, then it is important to find out all you can about them. Unfortunately, many of the things that are being said about veneers are not true. Most Common Myths About Porcelain Veneers Myth: Veneers Are Noticeable Fact: Today’s veneers are a lot different from the ones that were made in the past. The improvements in technology have given veneers a more natural

In the past, children and adolescents were the only ones who were getting braces. In fact, over four million people in the U.S. wear braces, and 25 percent of these individuals are adults. There are many ways that adults can benefit from getting braces. Top 4 Benefits Of Getting Braces As An Adult Your Smile Is Important You can make a positive impact on everyone around you by smiling. However,

The gradual process of tooth decay causes dental cavities. It is possible to interrupt the tooth decay process and reverse it to avoid cavities. We will cover how tooth decay is initiated, how you can reverse it, and treatment options available if you are unable to intervene in time. What Happens Inside Your Mouth The harmful bacteria in your mouth are responsible for tooth decay. The bad bacteria consists of