If you are a parent with a child whose teeth are crooked, you certainly must wish to see the child’s teeth look like those of the kid in your neighborhood. There should never be any hope lost for your son or daughter as Scottsdale, AZ Cosmetic Dentists can align the bent teeth, and your child will have a broad smile. There are reasons why you must not delay the planned consultation with

Activated charcoal seems to be everywhere at the moment, and people are touting its effectiveness in everything from face wash to grout cleaner. One use for this ingredient that you may not have heard of is as a teeth whitener. So, how about it? Does this ingredient work? And is it good for your teeth? Active Charcoal Is an Effective Teeth Whitener Let’s get right to it. Active charcoal can

No-prep or minimally-invasive veneers are a great way to quickly improve your smile with a minimal amount of effort. Similar to traditional porcelain veneers, they offer you the appearance of bigger, brighter, and more attractive teeth. It’s easy to see why they’re becoming so popular, with brands such as Lumineers and Veneers offered both in our dental office and in locations across the country. How Do No-Prep Veneers Work? Unlike

Everyone dreams about having clean white teeth. However, a lot of people struggle with dental problems such yellow and stained teeth. There are times when diet directly contributes to the discoloration of your teeth. For instance, smoking and consuming too much dark colored drinks is thought to cause tooth discoloration. However, another leading cause of teeth yellowing and one which many people ignore is a condition known as fluorosis. What