Every year, we make resolutions to change. We want to get in shape, eat better or maybe make more time for self-care. And for some people, their commitment to improving their health overall starts with better oral hygiene. Your dental regimen is a vital part of maintaining overall good health. Even flossing once a day can prevent cavities and improve your oral healthcare in Scottsdale AZ. But as with any

Life is full of headaches. Fighting kids, an irritated boss, or your own personal meltdown on the Mini Stack are only a few likely suspects when crushing head pain hits. One reason for a headache that you might not have considered is a dental health issue. Since the teeth, gums, and all other areas of the mouth are filled with nerves, any issue with them can cause pain. Infections cause

Dental hygiene is an important part of any daily routine. Although most people remember to brush at least once per day, there are many other factors to consider. Here are four daily habits that can help to keep your mouth healthy. 1. Drink plenty of water. Water is the most important substance in regards to human health. While most people only consider water important for hydration, it also plays a

A great smile is important when making first impressions. It can really determine how others see you and respond to you. A handshake and a friendly smile convey confidence and warmth that can be important in business and relationships. If an accident or neglect have left your smile less than perfect, there is a solution. Dental implants in Scottsdale AZ are an option for anyone seeking to replace missing teeth