Orthodontics such as braces and other mouth appliances are the most commonly used cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, sometimes adult teeth come in misshapen or discolored for various reasons. Your child may look in the mirror and say that he or she hates the way they look because of the funny-looking tooth or teeth that they have. Let’s face it, even tweens are conscious about their looks these days. If your

Everyone looks forward to waking up refreshed from a good night’s sleep, but if you’re waking up with tooth or jaw pain, then you may have a problem. Bruxism, which is also known as tooth grinding, is a common problem that you don’t have to suffer from. Many Americans have serious dental problems caused by grinding their teeth at night, but there are treatments available to ensure the health of

If you’ve experienced tooth sensitivity or pain through normal activities such as brushing your teeth, eating food, or drinking a beverage, or even something as simple as your teeth being exposed to air, then you may be dealing with worn enamel or root erosion. If you have experienced symptoms related to tooth sensitivity then it’s important to visit your dentist, but there are ways to try and combat this. Though,

When you were growing up, one task you may have looked upon as being time-consuming was brushing your teeth after each meal. However, as time went on, you realized that while you may have tired of your parents reminding you to do so, brushing your teeth regularly eventually gave you a great smile and healthy teeth. For many people today who want healthy teeth, using an electric toothbrush is becoming