When most people smile, very little of their upper gums actually show. But for some people, their upper lip goes higher and exposes more of their upper gums. Termed a “gummy smile,” it can make people self-conscious of their appearance. While in years past little could have been done to solve this problem, an exciting new treatment option known as lip repositioning can create the smile of your dreams. What

Amalgam fillings are the dental term for metal fillings. These were once the standard for filling a cavity. They were often called silver fillings, but they’re not made of pure silver. Amalgam is a mixture of mercury and other metals like copper, tin and silver. Both the American Dental Association and the FDA say that the mercury in these fillings poses no threat to health, even though mercury vapor can

Many seniors don’t seek out the specialized dental care they need. Older people, especially those over the age of 65, are at a higher risk for certain dental problems. Gum disease, chronic health conditions, tooth loss and oral cancers are all more common in people in this age group. About two-thirds have gum disease, a progressive condition that can lead to tooth loss. Almost one in five seniors has lost

Food, drinks, and smoking cigarettes stain teeth over time. Your dentition will appear discolored, and you won’t feel comfortable smiling. The good news is that teeth whitening procedure gets rid of the stains with sheer simplicity. Here are the benefits that you will gain from teeth whitening. Improves Your Oral Health During teeth whitening, your dentist will spot issues such as cavities or gum disease. The expert will treat the