Veneers have become a popular way to achieve the smile that one has always wanted. Whether the goal was to make the smile brighter, even out the teeth or just camouflage cosmetic concerns, all this and more is possible. However, those who are considering veneers should also keep in mind that they must be properly cared for. Failure to do so can lead to not only discoloration, but even broken

Many people like to quench their thirst with a cold soda. However, while refreshing, this oft-favored beverage can exert significantly adverse consequences on their teeth. Soda’s Impact Upon Teeth Few edible or drinkable products contain higher sugar concentrations than the average soft drink. Excessive consumption of these beverages precipitates erosion of enamel, which is a tooth’s hard, outer region. Sugar gradually eats away at this typically durable material. Moreover, once

The holidays are joyous time. People often attend numerous parties and intake a significant amount of food and beverages. The furthest thing from most revelers minds is optimal dental care. That said, the actions taken during this period could have a significant impact upon the health of their teeth and gums. Holiday Oral Care Maintenance Tips Individuals are encouraged to enjoy the season’s festivities. However, should bear in mind that

For the longest time, many of us have wondered how most celebrities, models, and actors manage to maintain that brilliant smile and nice-looking teeth. You only need to visit a cosmetic dentistry expert to get that gorgeous smile as well. Our services at Studio B Smiles are offered by the most qualified and experienced dentists committed to give you a perfect smile that will go a long way in boosting