Cosmetic dentists in Scottsdale offer a wide range of services to help improve the way your smile looks. A variety of cosmetic dental problems can be fixed with cosmetic dental procedures, including crooked, chipped, misshapen teeth, uneven white teeth, discolored, or otherwise unsightly teeth. While many cosmetic dental procedures are elective, especially those done in the dental office, the truth is they are usually necessary to lead a happy, fulfilling

What exactly is a Smile Makeover? A smile makeover from is an innovative, customized, preventative, cosmetic program to address aesthetic issues beyond routine dental treatments such as gum disease and cavities. In many instances, one cosmetic procedure, such as teeth whitening, is not enough to restore a person’s confidence about their smile. The goal of any Phoenix cosmetic dentist is to create a “wow” factor that brings a person out

The Different Types of Dental Crowns In dentistry, dental crown refers to the outer most part of teeth, generally covered by enamel, that typically looks like a white tooth. The crown is normally visible on the front of the mouth after growing behind the gums and then erupting fully into the oral cavity. If any part of your tooth gets broken or chipped, a dentist may apply an artificial crown

Teeth whitening, otherwise known as peroxide bleaching, is an affordable and fast way to brighten and whiten your smile from within. The treatment, also known as bleaching, utilizes a strong whitening agent to improve the natural luster of your tooth’s enamel and helps in reducing or removing stains and discolorations on your teeth. The procedure can be performed by a dentist or at home under the guidance of a professional

Cosmetic dentistry takes your smile to a whole new level by emphasizing the most minute details of your natural smile. From our celebrity smile makeovers to creating the perfect smile for yourself, cosmetic dentists in Downtown Phoenix are every bit as qualified as those in Hollywood. Your cosmetic dentist works with your dentist to improve the condition and function of both the structure of your tooth and the surrounding oral