At Studio B Smiles, we know that your time is valuable, and that is why we offer CEREC 3Drestorations. By using the CEREC system, you can be in and out in a single visit with a permanent, all ceramic crown or onlay. Are you curious about how the CEREC system works? Let us explain. First, the dentist will examine your tooth and determine the appropriate treatment. It could be a simple filling, or a full crown, depending on how much healthy tooth structure is remaining. Next, the dentist will numb the area and prepare your tooth for the restoration by removing decayed and weakened tooth tissue. After the tooth is prepared, the dentist will take an optical Impression of the prepared tooth. Instead of filling a tray with impression "goop" that you must bite into and hold in your mouth until it hardens, the dentist coats the tooth with a non-toxic, tasteless powder. A camera is then used to take a digital picture of your tooth. The whole Optical Impression process will only take a minute or two. Next, the dentist will use the CEREC machine to help create the restoration for your tooth. The CEREC 3D software takes the digital picture and converts it into a 3-dimensional virtual model on the computer screen. The dentist will then design the restoration using the CEREC 3D computer program. Within a few minutes and a few clicks of a button, the restoration design data is sent to a separate milling machine in the office. A ceramic block that matches your tooth shade is placed in the milling machine. About 10 - 20 minutes later, your all-ceramic, tooth-colored restoration is finished and ready to bond in place. Finally, the dentist will try the restoration in your mouth to ensure proper fit and bite. The restoration will then be polished and bonded to the prepared tooth. After the process is complete, your tooth is restored with no "temporary" or return trip necessary. We know your time is important. We hope the addition of the CEREC 3D system, will help add some of that precious time back to your hectic schedule.

If you have questions about the CEREC 3D system, please call us at 480-860-0092 or ask us about it at your next appointment.

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