Lip Repositioning

Many people are troubled by having a gummy smile. When excessive gum tissue displays between the edge of the lower lip and the bottom of the teeth, the gum tissue can detract from the natural beauty of the teeth and smile. Removing gum tissue with laser therapy can only correct so much of this defect. Surgery to reset the upper jaw can address this issue, but is usually the least desirable treatment option for the patient.

Another new exciting treatment does exist, that is minimally invasive and has a high success rate. The procedure was first brought to pubic prominence by the ABC show Extreme Makeover. The procedure is known as LIP REPOSITIONING. Historically, this treatment was used for denture patients to help adapt to bone loss and develop a better fitting denture. However, in the age of cosmetic dentistry, this procedure has been modified to address the problem of excessively gummy smiles.

The procedure involves removing a small window of tissue inside and under the upper lip. The removal of this tissue disallows the upper lip to rise excessively and instead have a patient’s smile rest at the most ideal point of the juncture of the upper teeth and upper gum line.

This procedure is typically performed by an oral surgeon. If you are a candidate for this procedure, we would be happy to give you a referral. This procedure is usually best accompanied by laser therapy of the gums and veneers. The doctors at Studio B Smiles will work closely with the oral surgeon to ensure that you are getting the smile of your dreams!