Migraine Headache and TMJ Therapy

It is estimated that approximately 40 million Americans suffer from some type of headache such as migraines or tension headaches. Often these headaches, as well as some level of tooth damage, are caused by involuntary grinding and clenching. Grinding and clenching is actually a form of overactive muscular functioning. When the jaw muscles are overactive, they can not only wear down your teeth, but they can also lead to headaches as well as neck and jaw pain. If left untreated, severe tooth damage and problems with the Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) can result.

If you know that you are grinding or clenching or if you are experiencing symptoms such as frequent headaches or tooth damage, you might benefit from a device known as the NTI.

The NTI was recently approved by the FDA for tension migraine therapy. It works to stop pain as well as protect your teeth from excessive wear. The NTI is a very small appliance that custom fit over your front two teeth. The device is typically worn at night while you are sleeping. The NTI prevents your back teeth from contacting and helps the bones and tissues in the TMJ to rest in the most stable position. For extreme cases, a modified device can be made for daytime wear.

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