Though sometimes overlooked, optimal oral care can prove critical to an individual’s overall health and aesthetic appearance. Many people understand the importance of engaging in dental maintenance actions, such as brushing and flossing regularly. However, receiving professional teeth whitening treatments might also significantly enhance one’s dental well-being.

Studio B Smiles invites the residents of Phoenix, Scottsdale and those living in the suburbs of these metropolises to read this brief work discussing the benefits of teeth whitening.

Overview Of The Whitening Process

Whitening can be performed during a routine dental visit or as part of a separate treatment. During this process, an oral care professional applies whitening agents called bleach. Typically, these substances are comprised of chemicals known as carbamide or hydrogen peroxides.

After these powerful cleansing agents are applied to a recipient’s teeth, said products penetrate deep inside tooth enamel and remove discolorations, like stains and eliminate potentially detrimental materials like food particles, bacteria, plaque and tartar.

Potential Benefits

Recipients of professional teeth whitening treatments often reap numerous benefits, including:

Guaranteed Improvement

In most instances, professional teeth whitening agents will significantly clean and brighten the recipient’s teeth. The same cannot be said for over-the-counter dental products, such as teeth whitening toothpastes.

Heightened Self-Confidence

Persons with healthy teeth and gums are often more confident than those lacking such attributes. A bright smile typically enhances one’s appearance, which may increase their visibility and popularity. Such occurrences could elicit better personal, social and professional opportunities.

Better General Health

Professional dental care not only often proves crucial to optimal oral health but also to one’s systemic well-being. Poor dental health can be attributed to the eventual development or exacerbation of potentially serious health maladies, such as infections, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and possibly even cancer.

How Often Should Whitening Treatments Be Performed?

Many dental professionals suggest that individuals undergo some type of whitening treatment at least once per year. However, additional treatments can be executed in accordance with the recipient’s social or professional needs.

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