If you’ve been wondering whether you should pay someone to whiten your teeth for you, the answer is “it depends.” You absolutely cannot have a bright smile without some form of professional teeth whitening performed by a qualified cosmetic dentist. Professional whiteners vary greatly in price. The cost of a professional teeth whitening treatment can range from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. There are some things

Cosmetic dentistry is concerned with making a positive difference to your look through various methods. No matter how complicated or easy your cosmetic dental requirements might be, Scottsdale Dentist will help you realize your dreams. We treat patients of all ages, both male and female, with an enthusiasm that seems to last forever. Our experienced staff will do everything possible to aid you in achieving your look you’ve always wanted.

A patient who needs to get veneers in Arizona will need to explore just what they are first. They will then need to weigh their pros and cons carefully. Veneers aren’t quite the same as porcelain. They’re actually thin veneers that are bonded onto a person’s teeth using an adhesive. The reason why the material is translucent, and not porcelain veneers, is because the material used to bond veneers is

Dental crowns are a popular treatment that will help to protect a damaged, misshapen tooth from further infection, repair a tooth that was badly broken or give a tooth a natural, attractive look. Patients can also use dental crowns because they appear natural at first, but have the durable strength that just metal can offer. A patient may choose to get either porcelain or metal dental crowns depending on their

Each of the available tooth whitening treatment options for teeth whitening come with a different price tag. The easiest and least expensive way to whiten your teeth is with an over the counter teeth whitener kit that you can purchase at your local pharmacy or discount retailer. Many of these kits work just as well as their high-cost counterparts, but they don’t deliver on the results you desire. Read on