Since it has been shown time and time again that maintaining one’s dental health is key to staying healthy in so many other ways, a visit to your dentist’s office is more important than ever. Whether you need a routine cleaning or other services, there are many aspects of oral healthcare that have become increasingly important in recent years. If you are planning a dental visit soon, here are some

Professional teeth whitening has gained ground over the years due to its excellent results. At Studio B Smiles, we offer the service to remove discoloration in your dentition. The primary reasons why your teeth have a weird color are due to smoking, food, and beverages. In addition to that, certain medications contribute to stained teeth. After the procedure, you will enjoy the following benefits. 1. Improves Oral Health The teeth

Feeling shame about dental health and the appearance of your smile is extremely common. Facebook, Instagram, movies, and TV are flooded with beautiful, white, straight smiles. People who are embarrassed about their smiles are fairly easy to spot. They are the people that hide their mouth with their hand when they talk, that never post pictures with an open-mouthed smile, that pick the perfect angle to hide the parts of

Though sometimes overlooked, optimal oral care often proves critical for an individual’s general health. However, in persons with certain illnesses, even good habits, such as brushing, flossing and using mouthwash might not be enough to maintain quality dental health. Studio B Smiles invites the residents of Scottsdale, Phoenix and neighboring Arizona cities to read the following short blog highlighting several medical conditions possessing the capacity to exercise an adverse impact

Various dental health issues can affect your teeth and give you sleepless nights. Some of them include cavities, periodontitis, gum disease, sensitive teeth, and cracked dentition. The existing conditions have serious health effects since bacteria and infections lead to heart disease, premature birth, and low birth weight as well. On that account, you should see a dentist perform the following procedures. Fluoride Treatment If you have cavities, you can rest