Many people occasionally clench or grind their teeth. The medical term for frequent teeth grinding is bruxism. If you don’t grind your teeth very often, it shouldn’t cause any harm. But if you grind your teeth frequently, you’ll need to talk to your dentist for advice. Why Do You Grind Your Teeth? Lots of people grind their teeth due to anxiety or stress. This type of bruxism tends to occur

Proper oral healthcare does more than keep your teeth clean. It also promote overall good health. And while everyone knows that brushing twice a day and seeing their dentist regularly are two of the best ways, they’re also the most overlooked. Below are four ways to make your teeth last a lifetime: 1. Brush Regularly Everyone knows how important it is to brush their teeth. In fact, you should be

Keeping your teeth sparkly and white can be an asset to your life in many ways. It can encourage new friendships in your personal life and improve your customer relations at your place of employment. The following are some tips you can use to ensure that your teeth are always healthy and gorgeously clean enough to brighten your appearance at all times. 1. Brush and Floss Three Times a Day

Maintaining dental care is crucial for everyone. However, such practices are especially important for older persons. Studio B Smiles, a dental practice that serves the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona areas invites our customers and interested parties to read the following short blog discussing the importance of dental health in older individuals. Gum Disease Prevention Researchers have concluded that nearly 25 percent of seniors (age 65 to 74( are stricken

There is perhaps no dental-related question more common among people in Phoenix and Scottsdale than how often should I see a dentist. Such questioning can be natural, but it can also be problematic. Some people are anxious about seeing a dentist in Scottsdale and are looking for reasons to put off their visits. Others may lack insurance and are therefore concerned with costs are seeking to minimize them. Nevertheless, regular