Did you know there are ways of improving your dental health without brushing, flossing and using mouth rinse? If that sounds a little too good to be true, here some snacks and food ideas to try out next time a hunger pang arises! 1. Yogurt Yogurt, specifically products that use all-natural ingredients, is efficient for improving your smile and dental health. The reason why this occurs is on account of

When you went to the dentist years ago due to a cavity, your dentist would always pull out a sharp metal instrument and start picking around inside your mouth. Unfortunately, when decay was found, the explorer would stick in the tooth itself, resulting in pain for the patient. However, the use of lasers in cavity detection has changed this area of dentistry dramatically. Microscopic Breaks In years past, the human

There are many individuals who may have straight, white teeth, but may still be insecure about their smile. In some cases, the cosmetic concern is not actually with the teeth, but the gums. In addition to excessive gum tissue, it is not uncommon to see that the gum line is uneven. This can occur regardless of pristine oral care as it is genetic for some people. However, this condition can

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages onward, health and government officials continue to urge people to remain vigilant in doing their part to prevent contracting and spreading the virus. One such prevention method most people abide by and have grow accustomed to is donning a face mask. That said, this important safety measure could elicit an oral care malady called mask mouth. Mask Mouth Overview Mask mouth is a discernible dental

Dental health is a critical component of an individual’s general health. Therefore, many people partake in numerous oral care-boosting efforts. That said, however, numerous persons overlook water’s value to dental fitness. How Water Benefits Oral Health? Dental and healthcare providers maintain that water exercises several positive influences over one’s oral robustness including: Fluoride Simple tap water often contains appreciable fluoride levels. This natural element is highly-touted for its capacity to