1. Becoming Aware Of White Teeth When I was young and getting into chapter books, I remember my sister reading a historical romance. She offered it to me and I was hooked! That book took me to the plains of North Dakota in winter, spring, summer, and fall. With it brought the astounding awareness of how the author described the characters in the book. This new awareness of reading how

Laser detection technology makes it so that we can catch tooth decay in its beginning stages. This means we can quickly remove it before it gets to the point where you need those invasive procedures we all dread. Studio B Smiles wants to make sure you get the best dental care in Arizona! What Is Laser Detection? We use a small tool that shoots a beam of light at your

When you are looking to invest in a new beautiful smile, you must choose between the options of traditional veneers or no prep veneers. Dr. B and his expert team will thoroughly guide you through a personalized treatment plan, however there are several benefits to both options. No prep veneers are an attractive option for patients who already have good alignment and who are looking for slight alterations to their

It can happen in an instant. A young athlete participating in a contact sport such as basketball, football or hockey is struck in the face, sustaining a dental or tissue injury. One of the most commonly occurring injuries in sports is a mouth injury. Parents can sleep easier and young athletes can play with more confidence when they are protected from traumatic blows to the mouth that can occur during

A smile is the opening to your soul and a reflection of your inner self, the popular adage goes. Therefore, you should take every measure available that will keep your teeth in top-notch condition so as to be able to smile without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. To make that inviting smile and white teeth a reality, you should partner with a reputable dentist. If you hail from Scottsdale, Arizona, Studio