Everyone wants a healthy smile, but some people assume that it takes a lot of work. The simple truth is that sometimes the answer to better oral health lies in the strangest places. The following are a few foods that you might not think can enhance your dental health.

Addictive Chocolate

Oh, admit that chocolate was the last thing you thought you’d find on this list. Well, you are kind of right to think that chocolate is out of place. For the most part, mass-produced chocolate is usually bad for your teeth. It contains several questionable ingredients and can be full of processed sugars that feed harmful bacteria, allowing them to produce rapidly. This overabundance could lead to dental caries with enough time.

What you may not know is that raw chocolate is very good for your teeth. Raw chocolate contains the husk of the cacao bean. These husks have an active ingredient called CBH that has been shown to be very effective in fighting cavities.

A Little Red Wine

Red wine is another item that you might not have guessed would be here. Researchers have found that wine contains several extracts from grapes like antioxidants and flavonoids. These extracts are naturally antibacterial, which is the reason why they can be effective against cavities. It is best to purchase ‘natural wine’ that was naturally fermented for the best effects.

Remember that the wine’s color is very potent and could stain your teeth should you consume too much wine at a time. The key here is to ensure that you only sip on a small amount of wine, and be sure you rinse your mouth out with water after drinking this occasional treat.

Golden Honey

Raw Manuka honey contains several properties that should make it a staple in anyone’s home. This honey is known for its antibacterial properties due to some of the ingredients. The natural osmolarity effect that honey has should also be mentioned in relation to oral health. This effect helps extract moisture from harmful bacteria. The pathogens will essentially die due to dehydration and honey’s natural antibacterial properties.

This is the reason why Manuka honey is becoming known for improving oral health; just make sure that you purchase the raw option because processed honey does not contain the benefits just mentioned.

These foods may be a little outside of the box, but at least you can indulge in foods that you might not have thought you could eat if you wanted to maintain good oral health.

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