Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of the dental profession with the goal of restoring or enhancing a patient’s face by improving the appearance of his or her teeth rather than improving their function. It uses different techniques for purposes of improving a person’s overall smile through coloring, shaping, positioning and aligning teeth. It takes extensive training and experience to become a skilled cosmetic dentist. Our dentist Dr. B has been known to provide the best teeth whitening service in Scottsdale, AZ and now expanded his services including teeth whitening to Downtown Phoenix.

Causes of stained teeth
Over a period of time, your teeth become stained from the food and drinks that you consume. Of course smoking also stains your teeth, and even some medications will cause discoloration. Whitening removes those stains and restores the natural white color of your teeth.

The most common cosmetic dental procedure
Teeth whitening is probably the most common cosmetic dental procedure performed. Your dentist starts the process after a thorough cleaning of the surface of each tooth to remove any tartar, food or other substances on your teeth. Any cavities must also be treated. If left untreated, the whitening solution can pass through the cavity and into the inside of the tooth.

Whitening at the dental clinic or at home
The whitening procedure most commonly used involves a gel that contains hydrogen peroxide. Although whitening can be done at home, having the procedure done at your dentist’s office allows her to use a more powerful gel. A light or laser is then used to activate the gel. A substance will be placed on your gums to protect them. Expect two or three whitening visits, each lasting from between 30 minutes to over an hour. Much depends on how severe the staining on your teeth is and how white you want them to be.

If you’re going to use the whitening process at home, a personalized mouthpiece will made for you. It’s customized because a tight fit keeps the whitening agent in constant contact with your teeth. Expect a week or two of wearing the mouthpiece several hours a day to get the whitening that you want.

A proper teeth whitening assessment can only be done by an experienced dentist. A recommendation will be made for the correct concentration of the whitening agent, and decisions can be made for the appropriate method and length of treatment. If you would like to learn more about teeth whitening, contact our downtown Phoenix dental clinic for an appointment and assessment at 480.860.0092

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