Proper dental care is important to people of every age beginning in the early childhood years and continuing into the senior years. You can be confident that your teeth will remain strong and healthy for many years when you schedule regular cleanings and checkups with your dentist. Your hygienist will advise you of proper oral care which typically includes brushing twice daily, flossing, avoiding too much sugar and rinsing your mouth after eating.

While good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist will help to prevent cavities and gum problems such as gingivitis, broken teeth and other problems can occur. Most of the time a crown or bridge can fix the problem, and some people choose a dental implant as a more permanent option. Dental implants are quite expensive, and most insurance plans do not cover the cost. Fortunately, implant technology has advanced considerably to include mini-implants which can cost less than the traditional type.

Nobody wants to think about needing to wear dentures anytime in their future, but the occurrence of certain dental problems combined with limited resources often make this option necessary. If you are now wearing dentures, your dentist will have talked to you about the importance of good denture care. Unfortunately, in spite of every precaution accidents do happen, and your dentures could be broken. Even though some minor problems can be fixed with a denture repair kit, your best choice is to have the damage evaluated by your dentist.

Denture repair Kits are inexpensive and readily available, but this type of repair is only meant to be temporary, so it probably will not last very long. You may also end up with a sore mouth caused by an ill-fitting denture. If the damage to your denture is very extensive, your dentist may recommend that you replace it rather than have it repaired.

When you start getting into more advanced dental issues you need to see a cosmetic dentist. Our cosmetic dentists in Scottsdale and Downtown Phoenix helps many patients with more advanced dental health options. If you think its time for a cosmetic dentist to help you with your oral health issues call our offices today for help!

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