Veneers are a great option for many people seeking a more cosmetic friendly whiter smile. They are a great option for quickly improving the smile and the feeling a patient achieves after improving their smile is priceless.

Many people in Scottsdale and Phoenix that we help have certain conditions that can change the shape and color of their teeth. Some examples of these conditions are yellowing of teeth and teeth grinding.

They can correct a multitude of dental cosmetic defects, from discolored teeth to slightly crooked teeth to gaps in your smile. And advances in cosmetic dentistry have made veneers look even better today.

Some of patients have enamel defections and imperfections that happened when they were in the development of teeth stage when they were younger and may even have been the result of certain antibiotic exposure during development.

Some individuals simply want a faster more long term cosmetic fix than waiting years with orthodontic treatment and choose to have many veneers placed to fix crooked or spaced teeth.

Veneers are not always the appropriate solution for everyone to fix your smile. By knowing when it is appropriate to consider veneers as an option, you can make the wise decision it if might help make the appearance of your teeth better or if we can recommend other more appropriate dental solutions are a necessity for great dental health.

They are sometimes not a good idea for teeth that have been weakened by tooth decay, cavities, fractures, or large fillings, however. You may need dental crowns instead if your teeth are significantly weakened, or if you have missing teeth.

They usually require multiple dental visits. At the first dental visit, your Dr. Badolato (Dr. B) our cosmetic dentist will discuss whether this cosmetic dentistry procedure will work for you.

On the second visit, Dr. B will remove a small amount of enamel (the outer coating of your teeth) to make room for the veneer. This may or may not require local anesthesia. They feel and act just like natural teeth, and you should take care of them the same way.

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss once a day, and attend six-month checkups and teeth cleanings at Dr. B’s office.

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