DIY teeth whitening kits have become popular as a cheaper method of whitening teeth than visiting a dentist, but do the risks outweigh the low cost? Let’s look at the most common problems that surround DIY teeth whitening kits and find out.

Damaged Teeth

While a tooth whitening performed by a dentist is done carefully and selectively, DIY kits apply harsh bleaches without regard for the safety of your teeth. Whereas professional kits gently whiten teeth, the abrasive nature of DIY kits causes them to remove enamel as they whiten. This means that you’re essentially losing teeth each time you use the kit and will find yourself with sensitive, weakened teeth after every use.

If the abrasion wasn’t enough, these DIY kits have high acidity within the bleach that can be excruciating on the teeth. When combined with the harsh abrasive qualities of these kits, a DIY teeth whitening experience is like rubbing skin raw and pouring lemon juice on the wound.

Spotty Coverage

When you visit a dentist’s office for teeth whitening, a custom tray is fitted around your teeth to ensure that the dentist applies an even coating of the whitening agent. With a DIY kit, however, the trays are generic and often allow for parts of your smile to get more product than the rest, leading to spots of white on your teeth.

Not only is this visually disappointing, but the extra product applied to sections of your teeth will cause even more damage to those areas than what a DIY kit would normally do.

The Wrong Treatment

What many people fail to realize before buying a DIY tooth whitening kit is that most people can’t have pearly white teeth. Most teeth are naturally off-white or even yellow not because of bad habits, but because of genetics.

While a dentist could identify if your teeth are genuinely in need of whitening, a DIY kit will take your money and leave you with teeth that are exactly the same shade as before. There’s no way to “correct” naturally discolored teeth, but a DIY kit will waste your money anyway.

Whiten Safely

It’s natural to want a whiter smile, but make sure you’re pursuing it safely. DIY kits are often ineffective at best and dangerous at worst, so opt for safety by visiting a dentist for any teeth whitening procedures.

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