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Did you want to straighten your teeth without a bunch of metal and have heard about “clear braces” or invisalign? Dr. B and Studio B Smiles offers clear braces or invisalign braces for anyone looking for a straighter smile and alternative to metal traditional braces.  And don’t worry they aren’t 3D printed… yet..

Invisalign is more of a modern approach to straightening crooked teeth and creating a better smile. They use a custom made series of aligners to fit exactly each patients teeth so it’s not a one size fit all. They are very comfortable and are a invisible plastic that help gently shift your teeth over time into a place they give you a better smile.

Unlike metal braces you don’t have to worry about tightening the wires or brackets and you just replace the aligners about once every two weeks. Check out invisalign’s website to get even more in depth view of how they work, treatable cases, living with invisalign and the actual results.

Invisalign Cost

Just like anything that is custom fit to you and a better alternative to something there is a range somewhere between $3,000-$10,000 on average. However it’s always best to contact us for a complete consultation so we can give you an exact price, check with your dental insurance (Which in some cases dental plans may cover up to $3.5k), and perhaps use your Flexible Spending Account to put towards the dental process.

The price of Invisalign is usually the same price you would pay for metal braces but with more advantages like being able to brush/floss normally, more comfortable and removable, and the biggest benefit and why most research Invisalign or use our Phoenix and Scottsdale Invisalign dentist and dental services is that’s it’s invisible and you get that “clear” look and people can barely tell you have braces on in the first place.

Other Advantages of Invisalign vs. Braces

  • You can eat any food you normally enjoy
  • Removable
  • Virtually Invisible
  • Brush, Floss Normally
  • Smooth plastic vs. sharp metal
  • Less dental office visits
  • Free replacements (depends on type so check with dentist)

We have a page of our website dedicated to more information about getting Invisalign braces if you are in the Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona area. If you have any other invisalign questions or want to schedule an appointment for an invisalign consultation to learn more call us at 480-860-0092.

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