As dentistry enjoys advancements, Invisalign has increasingly become a popular alternative to traditional and metal braces. They are more preferred due to their anonymous nature, unlike clearly visible metal braces. Invisalign in Scottsdale is designed to correct mis-aligned teeth, restoring your attractive smile. However, to get the most out of your Invisalign treatment, you might want to have these tips discussed in this piece.

Wear the Invisalign for twenty hours daily
Orthodontists recommend fitting the Invisalign daily for about twenty hours. The rest of the four hours should allow you to brush your teeth, eat, floss, and conduct any other routine oral hygiene habits. The longer you put on your Invisalign, the better and quicker you achieve desired results.

Only drink water with your Invisalign on
Your aligners are clear and should maintain their status until your treatment is complete. Avoid beverage such as alcohol, wine, tea, coffee, and soda as they may stain the Invisalign tray. Your orthodontist will recommend that you take water as the only drink if you have the Invisalign fitted. Apart from stains, sugary beverages may find their way past the Invisalign and cause tooth decay, which interferes with the correction and aligning process.

Clean your aligners properly
You should clean your Invisalign in Scottsdale every day with pure water to eliminate any bacteria that could spell trouble to your teeth. Be sure not to use hot water or toothpaste when cleaning the aligners. Hot water may disfigure the structural elements of the aligners while toothpaste could be too abrasive, eventually spoiling the spark and clarity on them.

Handle the trays with care
Your orthodontist should help you learn how to remove the aligners carefully and place them back. Usually, it starts with applying pressure from the end of your teeth, depending on whether you are fitting or taking them out. You will then loosen them gently with all fingers around the mouth. The entire process should be gentle to avoid cracking them. You might want to invest in a removal tool to make the withdrawal and placing of the Invisalign easier. When the Invisalign isn’t in use, place them in a protective casing to prevent damage or breakage.

These four tips should help you get the most of your Invisalign treatment. Contact us at Studio B Smiles to book an appointment with our orthodontist and begin your journey to proclaiming your smile.

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