If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, you may want to consider visiting a Cosmetic Dentist to achieve the look you’re after. While most of these procedures are elective, some are medically necessary and are therefore covered by insurance. You can also learn about the services offered by a cosmetic dentist, including professional teeth whitening and dental crowns.

Studio B Smiles Cosmetic Dentists

The practice of Studio B Smiles is a celebrity-favorite in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. From helping the Suns to Diamondbacks players to Extreme Makeover Studio B Smiles is the choice for the valley for cosmetic dental services.

Studio B Smiles offers professional teeth whitening

In order to improve the appearance of your smile, you may be considering a professional teeth-whitening treatment from Studio B Smiles. This process is safe, comfortable, and produces more effective results than at-home whitening kits. During the procedure, a protective barrier is placed over your gums. Once the barrier is removed, the whitening gel is applied to your teeth. It may take up to an hour before the desired results are achieved.

During the teeth-whitening treatment, Studio B Smiles will evaluate your teeth and explains the reason for your staining. They will also explain any factors that may hinder the results of the procedure, such as gum disease or dental issues. Next, she will thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque and other stains. They will then use gauze, retractors, and barriers to protect your mouth from the whitening solution.

Studio B Smiles offers dental crowns

Dental crowns are an excellent way to repair damaged teeth and improve the overall appearance of your smile. Broken, chipped, or missing teeth can make it difficult to smile confidently. Even people who have a friendly, happy disposition often cover up their smiles because of embarrassment. Crowns can help fill in these gaps, restoring the appearance of your smile and boosting your self-confidence. Studio B Smiles offers several different types of dental crowns.

Dental crowns can be completed in two visits, with a temporary crown placed while a custom crown is milled. This restoration can restore the strength and beauty of a damaged tooth and can address many of the symptoms associated with broken teeth, including pain and sensitivity. Broken teeth can also cause problems with the alignment of the jaw, including TMJ disorder. With a dental crown, you can get back to eating and smiling with confidence!

If you need dental crowns, teeth whitening or a cosmetic dentist that can help you with your dental health in Phoenix and Scottsdale contact Studio B Smiles.

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