Do you love going to boxing practice at your local gym? Are you enthusiastic about playing rugby? No matter what sort of sport you play, it’s important to make sure that you’re protecting your oral health by wearing a sports guard over your teeth. Left untreated, sports injuries to the mouth can damage your self-confidence and cause irreversible damage to the teeth and gums.

Cracked, chipped teeth can also cause long-term pain, be difficult to repair, and could require removal, which could then threaten the integrity of your gums. It’s simply not worth the risk – and many sports organisations will require that you wear one to participate in training or competitions. It’s also better to meet with a cosmetic dentist to have a custom guard fitted so that you’re completely comfortable and can breathe properly while wearing it.

Sports Guard Options

There are several different types of sports guards available, ranging from basic models made from polymer to guards that rely on advanced bite analysis. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Basic sports guard: A basic sports guard is made by taking a custom mold of your teeth and casting a guard out of elastometeric polymer. You then wear the finished product during sporting activities, such as boxing or martial arts.
  • UnderArmour Bite: The UnderArmour Bite is an advanced model that takes into account airway positioning while wearing the guard. It keeps you from clenching your jaw while exercising, which also helps prevent or reduce the symptoms of temporo-mandibular joint disorder, or TMJ.
  • PPM Makkar Advantage: The PPM Makkar Advantage is a custom-fit sports guard that is created after analysing your bite through the use of a TENS unit. This is the most popular mouthguard among professional athletes, with many NFL, NBA and NHL players relying on the PPM Makkar Advantage to protect their teeth during play.

Don’t Wait – Get a Sports Guard Today

You’re vigilant about stretching, warming up, and cooling down, so why not take the same level of precaution with your smile? Contact us today to talk about getting a sports guard fitted so that you can keep smiling throughout all your physical activities. Studio B smiles is a licensed provider of sports guards such as the PPM Makkar Advantage and the UnderArmour Bite, so whether you’re passionate about hockey or just need to keep your teeth safe when you’re in the karate dojo, we have plenty of options available for you.

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