Teeth whitening is one of the most popular reasons for visiting a cosmetic dentist. Not only does it make you look more youthful and put together, but it’s a huge confidence boost, and everyone could use that! Teeth whitening is an investment, so what are some ways you can protect that investment after you leave the chair?

Get Regular Cleanings

Brushing, flossing, and overall good oral hygiene are important parts of maintaining a beautiful smile, but they are no substitute for regular teeth cleanings. Surface staining isn’t completely removable with a toothbrush, and your dental hygienist has the tools necessary for polishing the stains away. You truly need the abrasiveness of a professional cleaning to ward off discolorations so you don’t have to come in as frequently for your whitenings.

Rethink What You Drink

Unfortunately, the elixir of life, coffee, is one of the biggest culprits in staining teeth. Nobody’s expecting you to give up coffee for life, but there are a few things to tweak to avoid the staining. First, if you like iced coffee, consider drinking it through a straw so the coffee bypasses your teeth. If you need a hot cup of java in the morning, drink it before you brush your teeth. Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water after your cuppa during the workday.

Schedule Touch-Up Appointments

No whitening treatment lasts forever. Most likely, you’ll need touch-up treatments every six months or so depending on the type of whitening system used. If you drink a lot of tea, coffee, or red wine, though, you can expect to need more frequent touch-ups. Smokers need the most frequent follow-ups because the teeth stain from the tobacco regardless of oral hygiene.

Use the Right Tools in Day-to-Day Oral Hygiene

Dentists agree that using an electric toothbrush creates a noticeable difference in how long your whitening lasts. Electric toothbrushes are the best at-home tool in preventing stains from food, drink, and lifestyle choices. If you’re addicted to your coffees, tomato-based products, or wine, an electric toothbrush is the best way to ensure these particles are removed from your teeth.

Eat Wisely Immediately After Your Treatment

Freshly whitened teeth are more sensitive to staining for up to two weeks post-treatment, so dentists recommend eating and drinking wisely for that period. “White” foods are the least likely to stain, so foods like bread, rice, and dairy are all good choices. Definitely avoid tomato-based foods, berries, and dark drinks (including sodas) for that period.

Whitening your teeth is a quick and easy way to immediately change or improve your appearance. Taking care of your new smile afterwards is important to retain those results, so follow your Scottsdale cosmetic dentist’s directions closely! Call us today to schedule teeth whitening consultation in Scottsdale.

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