Tooth whitening is a popular concept in cosmetic dentistry. It describes a procedure that makes the natural color of your teeth lighter without removing its surface. Although the process does not entirely change the color of your teeth, it lightens the current shade, giving you a brighter smile.

You may need to whiten your teeth for various reasons. We are all different with variations in hair and skin colors. Not many of us have bright white teeth since our teeth get discolored with age. Your teeth can also be stained by drinks and foods like red wine, tea, and coffee. Smoking, calculus, and tartar are also a common cause of stained teeth. Stains under the surface of the teeth caused by antibiotics and tooth cracks are also common occurrences.

Tooth whitening provides a quick, easy and safe solution to the color and stain problems highlighted above. Professional bleaching is among the most common ways to whiten teeth. Your dentist should carry out a preliminary examination to establish a suitable treatment method. The first step of the procedure is placing a rubber shield on your gums for protection. Next, the dentist will apply the whitening solution on your teeth. The solution contains an active ingredient that breaks down and allows oxygen to reach the enamel which brightens the color of your teeth.

The total duration of the procedure is 3-4 weeks. You will spend the first two weeks visiting the dentist. During your first appointment, the dental team will create your mouth guard and establish the appropriate impressions. Once the team begins treatment, you will be permitted to continue with home treatment. This treatment involves the regular application of the whitening gel for 2-4 weeks.

Once you have finished the whitening process, you can maintain the brighter shine by reducing the consumption of foods that stain teeth. It would also be advisable to stop smoking which is a common cause of tooth discoloration and staining. You must also spare time to brush teeth at night using fluoride toothpaste and reduce the consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Lastly, you should visit the dental team on a frequent basis. It is paramount to note that tooth whitening only brightens the natural color of your teeth. The procedure also only works on natural teeth and not plastic teeth like veneers, crowns, and dentures.

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