Dental veneers are a great way to improve the overall look and feel of your smile. While many people think of veneers as a cosmetic procedure, they can be incredibly beneficial to those who want to avoid more extensive procedures in place for one that is relatively noninvasive, quick and affordable. Veneers are small, thin pieces of porcelain that are placed directly on the front of your teeth. They help to cover imperfections that would take thousands to fix using other methods. You can think of veneers in Scottsdale AZ as an affordable and quick way to cover these flaws rather than doing away with them completely.

If you feel that veneers are right for you, there are several benefits to choosing to have them placed. What veneers can help to cover include:

• Stained and yellowed teeth
• Chips and cracks
• Gaps between the teeth
• Shorter teeth
• Slight misalignment problems

By understanding what veneers are able to cover, it is important to know what the procedure is like and what to expect when having it done. Your dentist will slightly rough-up the surface of your existing teeth to make the surface better for veneer adhesion. This often requires little to no anesthesia at all, so it is incredibly painless and quick. The veneers will be created for you in a dental lab and be placed on the teeth using a permanent dental cement. Veneers can last upwards of 10 years, so you’re choosing an option that is guaranteed to last and provide you with years of a gorgeous, bright smile that you can feel confident showing off. Once the veneers have worn down, they just need to be replaced and cemented in order for you to enjoy another decade of having a beautiful smile.

Because of how noninvasive this procedure is and how quickly it can be done, you can totally transform your smile without the need for more invasive work. Plus, many patients have found that because no other procedures are required, they are able to save money in comparison to bridges, crowns, implants and whitening. Be sure to consider speaking with the cosmetic dentist in AZ if you feel veneers are the right choice for you. They will be more than happy to walk you through the procedure on what to expect and begin the work that is needed so that you can finally feel good about the way that your smile looks each and every day.

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