Since it has been shown time and time again that maintaining one’s dental health is key to staying healthy in so many other ways, a visit to your dentist’s office is more important than ever. Whether you need a routine cleaning or other services, there are many aspects of oral healthcare that have become increasingly important in recent years. If you are planning a dental visit soon, here are some things you may want to have included in your exam.

Oral Cancer Screening
When most people think of cancer, they rarely associate it with their mouth. However, many people each year suffer from various types of oral cancer, and failing to catch it in time could prove to be very serious. Thus, when you have your initial new patient visit here at Studio B, our team of dental pros will conduct a thorough assessment of your oral health, which can also include an oral cancer screening which might ultimately save your life.

TMJ Assessment
If you have been having frequent headaches, jaw pain, and other similar symptoms, it may be best if you also have a TMJ Assessment during your visit. While TMJ is a problem common to many people, it is also a problem that in most cases can be easily corrected. If you have been experiencing problems commonly associated with TMJ, make sure you discuss these during your visit.

Treatment Plan
When you visit us here at Studio B, you can always be sure you will be given a comprehensive treatment plan for whatever needs you may have regarding your dental care. Whether this involves treatments such as Invisalign, dental implants, or being treated for TMJ, these and other areas of your treatment plan will be explained in easy-to-understand terminology. Once you decide what is right for you, always be sure to follow your dentist’s advice to ensure your treatment is successful.

No matter what your dental needs may be, put your trust in our team here at Studio B Smiles. By scheduling an appointment today with Dr. B, you’ll soon find yourself living life to its fullest.

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