No matter how old we are, we cannot stop dreaming about having a picture perfect smile. There are good reasons for that too. Sparkling white teeth do not only make you look good, but also enhance your self confidence. You can take on the world with a certain assertiveness, and make a lasting impression on your professional and personal connections.

However, with time and basic dietary choices, your pearly whites can start losing their sheen. While you can get this issue fixed via fast teeth whitening in Phoenix, Arizona, it can come back pretty quickly if you don’t follow proper precautionary measures. To ensure that you are able to maintain the natural shine of your teeth for a long time, make it a point to minimize the intake of the following foods.

Coffee and Tea

Who doesn’t like a cup of caffeine in the morning? The answer is easy: Your teeth. Due to the tannins or staining properties of coffee beans and tea leaves, your teeth often get the brunt of your daily wakeup call. In order to save your teeth from the worst, ensure to limit the intake of these beverages. You can also turn to affordable teeth whitening procedures to protect your smile on a consistent basis.

Sports Beverages

Brightly colored sports beverages might be your go to choice for electrolytes. But the content in these drinks can easily target your teeth enamel, which makes it easier for your teeth to lose their shine. It is better to avoid these drinks whenever you can, so you cannot only obtain your ideal figure but also sport a healthy mouth. Since this is a food you can cut back on easily, you can turn to water for effective hydration.

Tomato Sauce

Whether you are having lasagna or enjoying some meatballs, tomato-based sauces can stain your teeth pretty fast. It’s impossible to let go of such an essential and healthy ingredient. But it is still advised that you consume tomato-based sauces in moderation. You can also turn to fast teeth whitening in Phoenix, AZ from time to time to keep your teeth shining bright during the consumption of these sauces.


Sodas are not only high in sugar content, but certain types such as cola are also pretty strong in their coloration. Whenever you consume these drinks, they can affect your tooth enamel and their natural sheen. To make sure that you can keep sporting a beautiful smile, it is better to cut back and eventually completely let go of these beverages.

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