Few oral issues are more aesthetically-unpleasing than brown or yellow teeth stains. These issues not only prove embarrassing but could threaten the impacted individual’s desire to smile or engage in social interactions.

Studio B Smiles, which serves the residents of Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding Arizona regions, invites our current and potential patients to read this short piece providing an overview of stained teeth and potential remedial options.


Arguably, the most common precipitating factor is food. Numerous edible products and beverages are acidic or contain coloring capable of staining previously white teeth. Notable offenders include coffee, wine, soda, apples and potatoes. That said, however, other issues might elicit tooth stains, such as medications, poor dental hygiene, a host of systemic illnesses, age and tobacco use.

Potential Treatment Options

Fortunately, afflicted individuals may reverse the condition by partaking in one or more of the following actions:

  • Employ Oral Care Maintenance Techniques
  • Simple actions, such as brushing twice per day, flossing and using mouthwash could prevent staining.
  • Eliminating Detrimental Lifestyle Vices
  • Curtailing or eliminating potentially detrimental habits like cigarette smoking or tobacco chewing may reduce one’s chances of tooth staining.
  • Avoiding Certain Foods And Beverages
  • Individuals consuming excessive amounts of products like coffee or wine might find relief by limiting their consumption of said items.
  • Receiving Dental Care
  • Scheduling routine dental appointments during which one receives thorough cleanings utilizing dental grade cleansing products may prove effective in decreasing their chances of stained teeth.

Possible Complications

Failing to address stained teeth may not only lead to personal aesthetic issues but potentially significant problems like damaged teeth and even tooth loss. Therefore, impacted subjects experiencing difficulties identifying the underlying cause of their stained teeth are encouraged to visit an oral care professional who can perform a thorough examination and help patients trace their history and pinpoint possible causes.

Contacting Us

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