When many people think of dental care, their focus lands primarily on their teeth. While said oral components are crucial to optimal dental health, the well-being of one’s gums should never be overlooked. One common problem individuals might encounter during their lifetime is a receding gum line.

Studio B Smiles, a dental practice serving the residents and patients of Phoenix, Scottsdale and adjacent Arizona communities, invites current and prospective patients to read this short piece providing an overview of receding gums.


Gums are the tissues that surround the teeth. When said structures gradually erode or are pushed back, the condition is known dentally as a receding gum line.

Causes of Receding Gums

In numerous instances, this dental malady is precipitated by poor oral care maintenance, such as the failure to brush one’s teeth routinely or receive appropriate professional evaluations. However, the problem might also be the result of issues, including genetic flaws, over brushing of the teeth, brushing with excessive force, various systemic illnesses and questionable lifestyle vices like cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Physical Manifestations

In a discernible percentage of cases, recession occurs gradually. Therefore, impacted subjects might not witness such changes in early stages. That said, as the ailment progresses, persons might notice gaps between the teeth, a seemingly elongated appearance of teeth, pain and insensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages because of the roots of impacted teeth becoming exposed.

Potential Treatment Options for Receding Gums

In its earliest stages, treatment is not typically necessary. However, failure to address moderate to severe manifestations of the malady could precipitate potentially serious problems, such as dental infections and tooth loss.

Specific therapeutic protocols employed by oral care professionals will depend upon the underlying causes and the severity of said issues. That said, common remedial endeavors might include surgery, gum veneers, orthodontics , the application of composite substances and desensitizing agents.

Uncomplicated to moderate manifestations might be ceased or even reversed through individual efforts, like intensifying oral care maintenance practices, limiting intake or sugary substances and curtailing or eliminating vices, such as smoking or drinking.

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