A bright smile is, arguably, an individual’s most important aesthetic feature. Others find this action inviting and comforting. In fact, those who make smiling a habit might experience greater social, personal and possibly even professional opportunities.

Studio B Smiles, a cosmetic dentistry practice serving the residents of Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, invites our current and prospective customers to read this short blog offering several tips on how individuals can improve their smile.

Wet Teeth Before A Photo Opportunity

Prior to posing for a camera, dental professionals suggest running one’s tongue along their teeth. This action is said to prevent the teeth from appearing dull and giving said oral components an immediate added shine and smoother look.

Use Teeth Whitening Products

Few issues can ruin a smile more than the presence of stained or bland looking teeth. This potential pitfall might be overcome by employing a tooth whitening product. Individuals are encouraged to ask for recommendations from their oral care professional and only use products containing a Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association.

Practice Good Dental Hygiene

Adhering to optimal oral care habits like brushing and flossing will increase one’s chances of maintaining a healthy and inviting smile. Dental professionals suggest brushing at least twice per day and flossing once a day at bare minimum.

Be Natural

Do not try to force it is a cliché most people have heard numerous times throughout their lives. However, when it comes to smiling, dentists maintain such advice could not be more accurate. Prior to a photo opportunity or any other occasion, individuals are encouraged to simply relax and be themselves.

Receive Regular Dental Care

Arguably, the most important smile maintenance tip oral care experts recommend is to receive regular professional care. Routine visits to a dentist will ensure one’s teeth receive professional cleanings but also identify and correct any potential underlying dental problems.

Contacting Us

Those residing in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas who wish to improve their smiles or have any other oral care concerns are encouraged to contact us. Further information about our practice and the services we provide can be found by visiting https://studiobsmiles.com/.

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