Many people have experienced the excruciating pain associated with certain dental maladies that necessitate emergency visits to their oral care professional. However, oral components like the teeth and gums often give out subtle hints suggesting that a visit to the dentist’s office may be indicated.

Studio B Smiles, which serves the oral care needs of those residing in the metropolitan regions of Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, invites current and future patients to read the following short piece highlighting several underlying suggestions given by one’s mouth that might indicate the need to see an oral care professional:

Temperature Sensitivity

Individuals who experience quick sharp pain or lingering discomfort after consuming discernibly hot or cold foods and beverages are advised to consult with their dentists. This uncomfortable occurrence might indicate the presence of problematic issues like tooth decay, a cracked or damaged tooth or a receding gum line.

Bleeding Gums

Gums that bleed during dental hygienic practices like brushing or flossing might suggest an underlying infection. Though far less common, unusual bleeding could indicate serious illnesses, including cancer. In any case, bleeding should be taken seriously and warrant immediate investigation by an oral care professional.

A Consistently Dry Mouth

Not only is a dry mouth uncomfortable but could also leave impacted subjects at greater risk of developing tooth decay and dental infections. Saliva is necessary to prevent microbial buildup. This malady may be precipitated by a host of underlying issues. However, some of these ailments could be serious and necessitate immediate treatment.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is an offensive and often embarrassing problem. However, chronic incidents, even when adhering to proper dental hygienic practices, might be an early indicator of gum disease.

Unusual Growths

Individuals who notice sores, lumps or bumps that appear suddenly or fail to rapidly heal should visit their dental care specialists right away. Such occurrences might suggest the presence of a variety of infections or, in the most serious instances, oral cancer.

Contacting Us

Unfortunately, many people do not seek dental care until an emergency forces them to do so. That said, when one experiences one or more of the preceding issues, they might be experiencing the beginning stages of specific oral care issues. Therefore, as soon as a prospective patient notices a problem, they are encouraged to consult with us.

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