Tooth whitening or dental bleaching is the procedure of brightening the shade of your teeth with the help of laser or similar device. Dental teeth whitening is desired when teeth get yellowed due to aging over time and is done by altering the color of the tooth’s enamel through chemical reaction. The term of tooth whitening varies according to the degree of whiteness required; however it should be around 2 shades whiter than one’s natural teeth color. This whitening of teeth helps remove stains, which are usually caused by smoking, coffee, tea, and certain food items. There are several methods available in dentistry for teeth whitening; but the most popular is the ‘bleaching’ of teeth using laser or light radiation.

Teeth whiteners or bleaches come in different forms such as gels, pastes, strips, trays, and kits. Some of them may cause tooth sensitivity whereas some others might not. Some of them have the characteristic of causing tooth sensitivity, whereas some others are mild and do not produce any serious side effects. These teeth whiteners that cause tooth sensitivity have peroxide or oxidizers that act on the surface of the enamel of the teeth to dissolve the stains, making it brighter and whiter. The main ingredient of these peroxide-based whiteners is hydrogen peroxide, a chemical compound consisting of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide.

Other teeth whitening products cause increased tooth sensitivity like the ‘professional bleaches’ and ‘professional whiteners’ because they contain stronger chemicals that act on the outer surface of the teeth to dissolve the stains more effectively. However, the risk associated with these chemicals are increased tooth sensitivity. Some of these bleaches can have adverse effects on gums and dental structures. The increased tooth sensitivity makes it difficult for people to consume oral products like candies and chocolates that contain sugar. Some of them also contain ingredients like nitrates that cause increased gingival irritation and pain. The increased tooth sensitivity also makes it difficult for people to brush and floss properly because the sensitivity of the teeth to make brushing and flossing very difficult.

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