Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is simply the procedure of whitening the shade of your teeth. Although teeth whitening is popular procedures with cosmetic dentists today, there are still many individuals who would prefer to achieve a whiter shade of teeth through natural home remedies. Tooth whitening may be done in many ways depending on the condition of the teeth, the kind of teeth whitening agents used, and the desire of the individual. Tooth whitening can be done through bleaching, the chemical bleaching process, using specialized tooth whitening strips or using-home teeth-whitening products. Tooth bleaching or teeth bleaching is most often desired when teeth get yellowed due to prolonged consumption of tobacco or because they are victims of staining brought about by drinking coffee or tea.

A good home remedy is to use sugar-free toothpaste that can help you avoid sensitivity and irritation to your enamel due to the chemicals present in commercially prepared toothpaste. Another home remedy you can do to avoid staining and discoloration to your teeth is to rinse them with salt water before going to bed. This is because salt dissolves the proteins found in saliva and this process can help you avoid staining as well as irritation to your tooth enamels.

The most common teeth whiteners that are used by dentists and dental hygienists in order to get rid of plaque formation and to maintain or enhance the shade of the teeth is the peroxide mixture. You can find many types of teeth whiteners available today such as gels, bleaches, mouth washes, sprays, and the more popular mints like peppermint. The most common problem associated with teeth-whitening procedures and products is tooth sensitivity. So, it is highly suggested that you take into account some of these guidelines while using whiteners for teeth whitening purposes in order to prevent tooth sensitivity and other similar problems.

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