Maintaining dental care is crucial for everyone. However, such practices are especially important for older persons. Studio B Smiles, a dental practice that serves the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona areas invites our customers and interested parties to read the following short blog discussing the importance of dental health in older individuals.

Gum Disease Prevention

Researchers have concluded that nearly 25 percent of seniors (age 65 to 74( are stricken with some degree of gum disease. This dental malady can contribute to problems like painful eating and possibly tooth loss. Individuals who lose teeth or experience pain while eating might be more susceptible to nutritional deficiencies that could precipitate the onset of potentially serious health problems. The good news is that with proper professional dental care and by partaking in proper self-care, certain types of gum disease can be curtailed and, in some cases, reversed.

The Presence Of Diabetes

Many older persons are afflicted with diabetes, a condition in which the body either cannot produce or has difficulty metabolizing sugar. Individuals with diabetes stand at greater risk for developing gum disease because the condition causes their bodies to produce an excessive concentration of mouth-borne bacteria. Therefore, elderly persons diagnosed with diabetes are encouraged to see their dental care provider on a regular basis.

Prescription Medication Usage

Naturally, as people age, their chances of developing a variety of illnesses increases. Furthermore, those diagnosed with specific health maladies are often prescribed medications designed to curtail or eliminate said issues. Unfortunately, some of these drugs elicit side effects that can exert a detrimental impact on their dental health. One such issue is dry mouth.

Dry mouth is precipitated by a diminished saliva content. A lack of saliva can leave the teeth and gums vulnerable to bacterial buildup, which could lead to tooth decay, tooth loss or the onset of infections. Those dealing with this condition may reduce their chances of developing associated dental problems by chewing gum or drinking water.

Important Considerations

Older individuals might be able to overcome these risks by maintaining optimal dental health in Scottsdale. Such a goal can be accomplished by visiting their dental care provider at least twice per year (and not only when or if a problem occurs), brushing and flossing at least twice per day, not smoking and avoiding an excessive intake of foods with high sugar contents.

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