Dental crowns are basically a tooth-like cover typically made out of porcelain material that covers over your natural tooth root. The color of these dental crowns can be matched to your tooth’s natural shade of color, creating a more natural appearance. These crowns work similarly to dentures, being held in place by a small titanium post. Because of their appearance, these dental crowns are often called “dental caps.” Many patients prefer to wear dental crowns for cosmetic reasons, but they are beneficial to patients with weak or damaged teeth.

If you decide on getting dental implants, you may also consider getting dental crowns. The reason is that not only do they look more natural and less artificial than dentures are, but they are also often less expensive than dental implants. Dental crowns tend to last about three years before they need to be replaced, while dental implants can last up to ten years or more. Although your dentist can replace your old crowns with better-looking, more permanent ones, sometimes you will still want to get them replaced with a newer, more attractive crown so you can keep your smile looking its best.

Many people who wear dental crowns find them uncomfortable and find that they need to adjust their bite some. Sometimes a person’s teeth are just misaligned, causing them to chew on their food incorrectly, which increases the chance of gum disease and cavities. Other times, gum disease, and other dental problems are caused by a lack of toothpaste. Sometimes the problem is caused by the cap or screw that holds the tooth cap in place, sometimes it’s a defect in the ceramic material of your tooth, and sometimes it’s a combination of all three. Whatever the cause, you can often fix your problem yourself at home, and crown your teeth in no time at all.

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