Everyone should make good dental care a health priority. Seeing a dentist twice a year helps to reinforce good hygiene and target problem areas. During your semi-annual dental health checkups, your dentist should also examine your mouth to look for possible problems. Mouth sores, fungus, and dry mouth are common issues that can be easily treated.

However, your cosmetic dentist Scottsdale office may recommend a follow-up medical exam for growths of uncertain origin or other symptoms that are not easily diagnosed.

Following a complete oral and dental checkup, your cosmetic dentist phoenix receptionist may schedule an appointment to discuss the dentist’s treatment recommendations or your preferred options, if relevant, such as the benefits of veneers or smile makeovers to enhance your smile. If a dental crown is needed, that can be arranged as well, along with other procedures like dental root canals.

Typical dental fillings can be addressed promptly to keep teeth in healthy condition. In addition, cosmetic services like teeth whitening procedures can be discussed to help your teeth look their best. Preventative care will likely be encouraged, and the dentist’s office may offer dental supplies like a tooth brush, dental floss, and related items as free take-home samples.

Everyone should practice effective oral hygiene on a daily basis to ensure good checkups twice a year. Brushing after each meal or at least twice daily will help to remove food and discourage plaque buildup. Flossing before or after brushing increases your ability to remove food particles and debris before they build up and damage your teeth. Dental checkups can identify any special areas of concern, like root decay, that should be addressed before cavities form.

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