Dental Implants are typically thought of as a high-end option for replacing a missing tooth or several teeth. However, unlike dentures, which can be easily removed and in some cases be very uncomfortable, dental implants require that the tooth is successfully placed into the bone. Therefore, the placement process is significantly more difficult and often results in multiple appointments before the desired result is realized. The most common way to place a dental implant is through the use of a periodontist or a surgical professional. Dental Implants can also be placed by a general dentist in his office in a one-time procedure, but the patient may not feel comfortable discussing such a procedure with this individual.

When considering the benefits of dental implants over traditional dentures, the most obvious benefit is the fact that there are no wires or bones in the mouth that need to be attached to the gum line. Patients do not experience the same amount of discomfort and pain as they would when wearing dentures. Another benefit of replacing one or several missing teeth with dental implants is that a patient will have healthier teeth than they did prior to having their teeth replaced. This is due to the fact that with dental implants, the jawbone is more stable than it was previously, which allows the jaw to heal better and longer than it would if there were no teeth to anchor it to.

One of the most common procedures performed during the process of dental implants is known as an abutment. This term is used to describe a metal or acrylic frame that is placed on top of a tooth or teeth, over the gum line. The abutment is secured in place with screws and is made from a variety of materials. Abutments can be made out of titanium, stainless steel, gold, and plastic. The size of the abutment will depend upon the overall size of the tooth being replaced, as well as the area where the abutment is to be installed.

When it comes to dental implants, the healing process for a patient using them is much easier and faster than with other forms of tooth replacements. There are less swelling and pain involved after the procedure is completed. Because there are no bones in place, there is no chance of infection. Patients who have dental implants can even go back to work the day after the procedure. This means that patients can go about their lives with very little disturbance.

If you have lost one, two, or even three teeth, you should consider dental implants as a viable option for replacing one, two, or all of your missing teeth. If you are missing a lot of teeth, you may be embarrassed and self-conscious about your smile. With dental implants, you can regain your confidence and start feeling good about your appearance again. No longer will you have to go into social situations and contact people asking them if you have a smile they can see because of your missing teeth.

You no longer have to be embarrassed about missing teeth and get extreme feelings about your smile. Thanks to dental implants, you can get back your confident self. If you are missing multiple teeth, you will want to consult with your dentist to determine the best solution for your situation. Implants can help you return to a confident you.

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