Dental concerns range from mild to life-threatening. This makes it hard to determine if your dental problem deserves to be categorized as a medical emergency or not. Seeking immediate treatment after confirm a dental issue could mean the difference between losing your tooth and saving it. We will take you through some of the signs that confirm you need emergency dental care in Downtown Phoenix, AZ

You have a broken, loose or chipped tooth
Mostly after an injury or blow to your oral area, your teeth may be subjected to the impact. Whether it’s a result of a fall, slip, or accident, you might want to rush to an emergency dentist. Your dentists will help you stop any bleeding, save your tooth, and preserve your appearance. If your tooth falls out, quickly dip it into a glass of milk or warm water to prevent it from drying out. Your dentist will then find the best way to save your tooth.

You have a severe and prolonged toothache
The severity of your toothache will force you to seek dental treatment immediately. If your toothache begins after a major procedure, prolongs for an extended period, and seems to increase by the day, you might want to make an appointment with your dentist. Treatment will depend on the diagnosis and cause of the problem.

You are bleeding from your mouth
Profuse bleeding that doesn’t stop can lead to more problematic issues if not handled immediately. If you notice constant bleeding mostly after an accident, be sure to rush to your nearest dental clinic to access dental care.

You have a deep cut
If you have a deep gash across your oral area, you might want to take it to the dentist immediately. Your dentist will help stop the bleeding, stitch up the cut in the best possible way to avoid interfering with your general appearance.

You aren’t sure if your dental concern qualifies to be a dental emergency? The only way to find out is by scheduling an appointment with us and leaving it to the dentist to handle. Call us today to book that appointment and maintain your oral health.

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